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Over the years, I have been asked for my opinion on local chiropractors, usually I say go to who feels best for you.  One of my clients told me about her chiropractor and I wanted to share.  One indicator of a great health care provider is the ability to refer out when the current treatment is not working.  Dr Shane Boroditsky at Minnesota Chiropractic and Rehabilitation did this for someone when chiropractic wasn’t working.  As it turns out, the root problem wouldn’t have been fixed with just chiropractic alone.  I met him a few years ago and worked with him on several occasions.  Because Dr Boroditsky showed integrity within his practice, I am happy to give you his name.

Dana Perusse Nyholm
Relaxation Advantage

On February 14, 2001 I was involved in a severe car accident which resulted in a closed head injury, a neck injury, and arm pain. I initially followed up with my family physician, who offered me pain medications. I wasn’t feeling great about taking copious amounts of narcotics, so I took the advice of my sister and visited a chiropractor. I chose a clinic close to my home and began my treatment with Dr. Shane Boroditsky.

Over the course of my treatment, extra steps were taken by Dr. Boroditsky to help me coordinate my care between my family physician, an orthopedic surgeon, a headache specialist, and a neuro-psychologist. He took the time to listen to my symptoms and recognized which were chiropractic in nature, and which would be best served by another medical specialty. He made phone calls on my behalf to ensure adequate follow up and to ensure that he fully understood what other treatments I was receiving.

During the trial for my accident, it was clear that Dr. Boroditsky understood the complexity of my injuries. In fact, his doctor’s notes were invaluable in my case, as they clearly and succinctly outlined other doctor’s visits, responses to treatments, changes in treatment plans according to other specialists, etc…

Because of his attention to detail, diagnostic expertise, and care and concern for the whole patient, I not only continue to see him, I have referred several family and friends to him.


I have been seeing Dr. Shane Boroditsky at Minnesota Chiropractic and Rehabilitation for many years.  I strongly believe in the care I receive from him.  He performed an extensive examination and a set of x-rays and was able to get to the source of the problem.  I continue to receive regular chiropractic adjustments as needed and always leave the office feeling better than when I walked in.


I suffered from low back pain and leg pain for many years. I have seen other chiropractors and orthopedics and have had surgery. No one has been able to provide me with as much lasting pain relief as Dr. Shane Boroditsky and the staff at MCR.


I have been seeing Dr. Boroditsky for several years due to reoccurring work related injuries. In each case he has taken the time to not only help correct my pain but to also help me to recognize what I am doing to cause the pain and what I can do to change my ways in my workplace to not cause more injuries. What I like is how he easily explains my injury and treatments so that I can understand exactly what is going on. He is a very knowledgeable Doctor whom I trust very much and has helped me immensely. I highly recommend Dr. Boroditsky.


I have been a patient for close to 2 years now and I highly recommend Dr. Boroditsky. He is extremely knowledgeable and great to work with as part of my long term health plan. He treats me with adjustments for my neck and shoulders to keep me aligned as well as acupuncture for lower back issues. In addition, he provides me with nutritional information and ways to reduce stress in my everyday life.


The doctor and staff at Minnesota Chiropractic and Rehabilitation are like non else. I feel like family the moment I walk in the door. I had been living with horrible back aches until I met Dr. Boroditsky. He got to the source of my problems and with regular chiropractic adjustments I am feeling better today.


Over the past five years, I have seen Dr. Boroditsky for chronic low back pain and a number of other ailments. Through regular chiropractic adjustments and a home exercise program, I have been feeling much better. I appreciate the ongoing care I have received as it has been extremely helpful with my injuries. Dr. Boroditsky’s Plymouth, MN office is not only conveniently located near my school but it is also close to my home.


I’ve been an avid snowboarder and snowboard instructor for over ten years. Just over 2 years ago I had a significant knee injury. I tried everything from painkillers to physical therapy and I was even considering surgery. I met with Dr. Boroditsky and we discussed how he could help with my knee pain. I was skeptical in the beginning because I had already tried so many different things but he was confident he could help. Today, my knee pain has resolved and I am living pain free. Dr. Shane is now my first call for anything.


I was living with headaches/migraines for over 10 years.  After seeing Dr. Boroditsky at Minnesota Chiropractic and Rehabilitation, my headaches have decreased significantly.  Acupuncture has been the key to managing and minimizing my headaches.  If it weren’t for his help, I would still be in pain.


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